Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Volvo XC60 with Nexus 7 installed

I decided to contribute to community and show how I installed Nexus 7 in my 2010 Volvo XC60 T6
I spent last few month working on this project, most time was spent waiting for different cables to arrive from Chinese suppliers.

So here are the pictures, feel free to contact me for details and I also will post link to this blog from some other Volvo related site where people discuss Nexus 7 installation in Volvo XC60:

The key was to remove 4 bolts - 2 on top and 2 behind CD cover, it allow me to pull center console far enough so I could slide tablet behind.
It is not perfect fit and I wish I could slide it 1/4" to the left, but there is bolt support that has to be notched and I feel it is very difficult to do without taking the whole center dash apart.
I also had use Nova launcher in order to be able to rearrange screen to accommodate for 1/4" of screen hidden on right. I am sure you can find different Android launcher to achieve the same.

I highly recommend to use Timur's Kernel, it will help you to take care of all small, but very important tweaks to make in-dash install usable.
And please READ his FAQ and follow all his suggestions.

So the only thing left to is to install backup camera, I pre-wired everything, but it is too cold here to take trunk apart and installing backup camera and route wires through the car. So this project has to wait till spring arrives.

The other common question asked around web is where to get OTG-Adapter / Y-Cable and STK1060.
Here are the places I bought mine:
OTG-Adapter / Y-Cable -
STK1060 - (bottom line look for Sabrent USB-AVCPT branded device)


  1. Hi, i have 2 questions.

    1- why do you need OTG-Y cable and STK1060 ? And how do you wire them?

    2-Did your xc60 already have factory navigation before installing Nexus7 ? If yes, then do steering wheel buttons work?


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  2. Hi, I needed OTG-Y cable so I can charge tablet while I can connect other devices to the tablet including backup camera, STK1060 is to convert backup camera output to USB signal for tablet.
    It is very simple to wire both: OTG-Y cable micro usb end connects to tablet, the other end to power cable and USB end connects to any usb device, some wires to usb hub to use multiple usb devices.

    My xc60 didn't have navigation before I installed Nexus. I didn't bother to make steering wheel buttons to work. But you could use Joycon EXR Steering Wheel Control PC to make use of steering wheel buttons. There are lots of post on web how to wire joycon to work with tablet.

  3. I think for the steering whell buttons is much better to use from Joycon CPJexc. ....